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ALT Training Program

Are you ready to embark on a rewarding journey as an Assistant Language Teacher in classrooms? At Heart Corporation, we are committed to preparing you for success in your role as an ALT. Our comprehensive training program consists of three stages to ensure you are well-prepared for your classroom adventures.


Stage 1: Online Training Videos

In this initial stage, you'll dive into a series of pre-recorded training videos that provide you with a comprehensive overview of what is expected of you in the classroom. We understand that learning styles vary, so you can set your own pace for completing these modules.

Upon finishing the online training videos, there will be a mandatory quiz to assess your understanding and ensure you've retained the vital information necessary for success.

Stage 2: Online Demonstration

In the second stage, you'll have the opportunity to put your newly acquired knowledge into action. You'll join a group of fellow ALTs to participate in online demonstrations, where you can showcase what you've learned during the Online Training Videos. This collaborative experience allows you to gain practical insights and learn from your peers.

Final Stage: Live Orientation

The third and final stage of our training program is the Live Orientation. Here, you'll engage in live sessions that provide you with invaluable insights into working with school teachers, understanding your role as an ALT, and the significance of your presence in schools. Our experienced veteran ALTs and trainers will guide you through creating effective lessons and offer tips and strategies to excel in your teaching role.

At Heart Corporation, we are dedicated to your success as an ALT. Our training program is designed to empower you with the knowledge and skills you need to make a positive impact in the classroom.

Are you ready to take the first step towards a fulfilling career as an ALT with Heart Corporation? Let's get started on this exciting journey together!

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