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Summer Break Plan for Heart ALTs

Say goodbye to those long, idle summer breaks with no income! For all Heart Corporation ALTs, we offer a unique opportunity to engage in meaningful work at various Gakudo Hoiku Schools.


What are Gakudo Hoiku Schools?

Gakudo Hoiku schools are dedicated after-school childcare programs designed to support students while their parents continue working. During the summertime, these students spend their entire day at the school, here they can experience an exciting and dynamic environment having fun with English with us! 

Method of hiring

1.  Heart ALTs working in any area are eligible to apply.  This is a short-term part-time work under a subcontract with SociOak Group during the summer holidays.

2. If you are interested, please click: I'm interested and we will send you directly to the company.

3. If you apply, you must contact SociOak Group directly and agree to all the terms and conditions of their outsourcing contract. 

4. You are required to get a speical work permission from the Japanese Immigration.


Note: All work condition and pricing is between the ALTs and SociOak Group.

Teacher Playing Piano
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