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Stucturing your Lesson

Japan loves structure, Throughout lessons are what makes teachers in schools happy. Sometimes they agree with your style and sometimes they don't. Sometimes a little persuasion will work, other times it won't. Just know, your efforts to help the students are what counts. I am a bit off the subject of structuring your lesson but note, helping the teacher of the school is more important than personal clashes of teachers. Now back to structuring😅


When you structure your lesson decide who will play what role in the lesson. As an example: If the subject is phonics Warm-up section: phonics A) the reason - help them understand. B) the students - what they will do (repeat, etc) C) the teacher - what they will do ( help the students understand better, support, etc. D) the ALT - perform, support, etc.


By doing this, you will give the school teachers a better understanding of your style and you can carefully think out your lesson plans.

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