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Coca Cola Train

My life in Japan

My train ride would be about 2 hours so like always, I bought my food to eat on the train later. The stop that my station was at the time had a lot of people riding but from the next stop, most of the people would get off. Timing-wise, that is when I normally ate my lunch. I was hungry but I was running late so ran to McDonald's, grabbed my set menu, and almost dived to get on the train. It was a super hot summer day so not only was I hungry but extremely thirsty. I couldn't wait I had to quench my thirst. I reached in my bag to grab my coke but instead of grabbing it on the side, I reached down grabbing it by the lid. I was standing in the middle of a row of people when I pull up the drink. Halfway standing up I slightly squeezed the cup and the lid popped off. And in slow motion, the lid separated from the cup causing it to drop. I think my eyes were the size of tennis balls as I watch the liquid and ice fly over everyone in the row I was standing in front of. There was nothing I could do but say, Sumi Masen (the polite way of saying sorry) over and over as I saw everyone glare at me. I had no choice, I had to switch trains I got off bowing at the train as it rolled away. I thought, if Japanese people want to hate foreigners this was a perfect time. I got on the next train peacefully and no one knew what happened on the train before that one.

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