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Heart Corporation Joins Forces with SociOak Group

Joined with Heart Corporation
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Joined with SociOak Group

At Heart Corporation, we are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership with SociOak Group, a dynamic leader in the development of youth in Japan. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in our mission to provide top-tier solutions to public schools and empower students with innovative educational opportunities.



ALT Support 

Discover the world of Assistant Language Teachers (ALTs) in public schools. ALTs enrich language learning for students. We help to elevate language education and create cultural exchange in Japanese public schools.


Food Services

Food service providers for schools, hospitals, and the elderly are essential in delivering nutritious meals tailored to each group's unique needs. They promote healthy eating habits in schools, aid patient recovery in hospitals, and ensure the elderly receive well-balanced meals that cater to their specific dietary requirements, enhancing overall well-being.


Youth Sports

Youth sports involve organized athletic activities for children and teenagers. They offer opportunities for physical fitness, skill development, teamwork, and social interaction. Youth sports promote a healthy lifestyle and valuable life skills, fostering discipline, leadership, and sportsmanship among young participants.


Afterschool Students

Gakudo Hoiku refers to after-school childcare services provided for school-age children in Japan. These services offer a safe and structured environment for children to engage in activities, complete homework, and receive care while their parents are at work or otherwise occupied.



Kindergarten refers to institutions that provide early childhood education and care, typically for children aged 3 to 6 years old. In kindergarten, children receive early education, including the development of basic skills and social abilities, to prepare them for elementary school. 


Driving Services

Driving services for youchien or kindergarten provide safe transportation for young children to and from their educational institution. These services ensure that children arrive and depart securely, easing the logistical burden on parents. They prioritize safety and convenience, giving peace of mind to families and supporting a child's early education experience.

"Working as an ALT in Tokyo has been an incredible experience. The cultural immersion, the warm and welcoming students, and the supportive team at my school have made this journey unforgettable. I've not only improved my teaching skills but also deepened my understanding of Japanese culture. It's a fulfilling and life-changing adventure that I would recommend to anyone looking to teach abroad."

Sarah H., ALT in Tokyo

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