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Bad vs Good Feedback

This is the season of school feedback just before summer vacation. Everyone takes good feedback well and most people don't take “bad” feedback so well. Japan is a country that does not tend to give you feedback when you do well because in this society, doing well is a part of your job. As an example, You are late to work almost every day and get reprimanded for it. Then when you are not late after that, you cannot run to everyone with a smile on your face saying,” I am not late anymore!” when you should not be late in the first place.

In Japan, you become recognized when you get good feedback. Doing your best work is expected of you. That is why you were given a position. People began to notice your skills and want to do more and more work with you. They will often ask you to do other things to test your skills. Each hurdle you jump over increases your chances to take a higher position or helps you and others to see the potential you have.

Whatever you do when or if you get “bad” feedback, don't get an attitude and blame others for your mistakes. Just learn from them even if you think you are right sometimes being humble and thinking of ways to turn “bad” feedback into good.

Think of “bad” feedback as constructive criticism and self-correct is necessary.

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